Baroque opera
Music: Christian Kolonovits
Book: Angelika Messner
Libretto: Angelika Messner & Christian Kolonovits
Debut: 3rd of June 2017 at the Volksoper Wien
Direction: Robert Meyer

Costume and set design: Christof Cremer

In the leading role: Drew Sarich

Performing rights: Sotto Voce Edition

The life of Antonio Vivaldi, exciting, scandalous, and dramatic. A girls’ rock band embarks on a search for their idol’s last piece of composition in Vienna, where Vivaldi lies in a pauper’s grave close to the Karlskirche. However, instead of the grave the girls find a journal … and before their very eyes Vivaldi’s life unfolds, like a colorful tapestry of truth and imagination, of memory and invention. What is it that truly remains of an artist’s life?

“Messner has written a merciless satire of the church. […] Interesting, how Rock and Baroque were interwoven. […] Especially Angelika Messner’s libretto is inventive. […] Almost a stroke of genius.” (Die Presse)

 Photos © Barbara Pálffy