Pop-Opera for children and adults

Music: Christian Kolonovits

Story and libretto: Angelika Messner

Debut: 13th of December 2009, Volksoper Vienna, commissioned work in collaboration with the Wiener Mozartgroschen

Direction: Robert Meyer

Costume and set design: Christof Cremer

Performing rights: Sotto Voce Edition

Antonia has been captured by the greedy devil and taken to his castle. He hopes to steal her voice and gain vitality from it. While locked in a dark stone room she meets the mute servant Jonathan as well as mute children sitting in cages. With Jonathan’s help Antonia can question the ancient, omniscient oracle who was brought to the greedy devil’s castle by his aunt in celebration of a grand world knitting event. Along with the bats Roby and Toby, the oracle’s advice leads Antonia and Jonathan into the castle’s clocktower where the time-eater and his evil cronies play games with the greedy devil’s heart. Will Antonia succeed in saving the devil’s heart and freeing the captured children?

“Successful undertaking! Through cleverly rhymed everyday language, in which the dialogues (Angelika Messner) are also thought provoking to the active listeners, a modern fairytale is told about friendship, warm-heartedness and the power of one’s own voice.” (Wiener Zeitung)

Fotos © Dimo Dimov/Volksoper