A musical children’s book by Angelika Messner

For Karl Menrad & Extracello

Debuted at the Kinderklang Mödling on the 8th of October 2011

The little cello in the cello maker’s workshop. It’s almost finished, only the varnish, only a few details are missing to be a real cello. But the little cello is dissatisfied. What? It wishes to be a double bass? With a scroll and end pin, locked inside four long strings, being scratched at? “I would love to be something special…” the little cello sighs and begins to dream. He dreams of a princess in a brightly illuminated ballroom, of the seagulls in the sky. Of the opera, and inflatable swimming toys clutched by children. “But when does one become something special?” the little cello wonders. In the company of his friend Leon, he travels deep into the dark forest where the old witch Baba Yaga lives. She always has wisdom to share. She murmurs in her lowest voice: “You are something special when… “

With music by Mozart, Bach, Saint-Saens, Queen, The Rolling Stones i. a.

… All performed on four cellos!

Foto © DisneyParks