Arrangements & musikalische direction: Christian Kolonovits

Script and Direction: Angelika Messner

With: Willi Resetarits, Schiffkowitz, Marika Lichter, Wolfgang Ambros, Barbara Horvath, Christoph Fälbl i. a.

Debut: September 2006, Vox Pannonica in the Messehalle Oberwart

Performing rights: Sotto Voce Edition

After many years apart, two men reconnect at a restaurant in the south of Burgenland. Together they look back on moments of their youth when they started a rock band and cruised through towns in their old VW bus. They relive the highs and lows of their time together, reminisce about their shared first love, and muse over wild nights and fights with the town police. The most exciting and simultaneously traumatic event of their past was the long-awaited gig at the Csaterberg, where everything was decided: Love and the fate of the band. Their friendship which shattered along with so many other things at that time can only now, after decades of silence, be rekindled. Through their shared love of music, the men find their way back to the songs of their youth and to each other.