by Angelika Messner (based on a play by Anca Visdei)

Debut: 2015 at the opening celebrations of the Salzburg Festival

Script and direction: Angelika Messner

With: Katharina Stemberger, Tamzin Griffin, Stephan Kreiss, Johannes Flaschberger

From Clara Schumann and Cosima Wagner to Katja Mann or Andrejewa Tolstoja – the story is full of women who neglected their careers in favor of their husbands. Anne Hathaway-Shakespeare was not privy to the artistic life of her spouse. It was not common in the renaissance. But who knows… who knows anything about William Shakespeare’s secret biography? Who can say what happened? What if his characters rose like spirits out of the pages, shook off the ink and determinedly guided their creator through his life and his work – then everything would be possible wouldn’t it?