A Singspiel by Angelika Messner

based on the operetta by Heinrich Berté

With music by Franz Schubert

adapted by Ola Rudner

Debut: 4th of October 2020, at the Musiktheater Linz

Performing rights: Musikverlag Doblinger

Vienna in the Biedermeier era. Franz Schubert lives in a small rental apartment in the “Dreimäderlhaus” with his lyricist. The wealthy owner desires to marry off his three free-spirited daughters. Sensitive artist Schubert and Dandy Schober become the desired candidates. Were he to take on the role, Schubert, who is bound to his friend not merely by friendship, would be rid of his financial troubles as well as his societally scandalous lifestyle. The two friends narrowly manage to escape considerable intrigue and marriage. However, the symphony composed for Schober is left behind and will from that point on remain unfinished. Schubert’s timeless music, fine humour, closeted homosexuality, and burgeoning feminism – and Schubert’s unfinished Symphony – are the intricate components of Angelika Messner’s official revised version of this Singspiel, one of the most celebrated of all time. “Das Dreimäderlhaus” has grown up!

“… an amusing Singspiel with a touching background.” (Kronen Zeitung)

“Naturally the Author of the new „Mäderl“ (Girls), Angelika Messner has a solid musical education apart from her dramaturgical experience and this shows great positive effects in the lyrical handling of Franz Schubert’s wonderful, trailblazing music […] The intention of this revision was to broach the issue of Schubert’s possible or probable homosexuality, but in a playful and graceful way without turning into a clumsy political statement. This succeeded perfectly!”

“The “Dreimäderlhaus” is well versed in all tricks and sings and dances its way into the heart.” (OÖ Nachrichten)

Photos © Petra Moser